Ever wonder how your favorite business crush can ditch the bs and live full-time in her CEO shoes without her brand falling apart?

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Fractional COO With Tamara

Our OBM support is perfect for CEOs who need just a little more customization and direct support running their business. So you can be the visionary you were always meant to be, we’ll handle:

+ Done-for-you business management, project management, & implementation 
+ Business strategy, systems building & SOP creation 
+ High-level sales and operations strategy
+ Client retention through an elevated client experience
+ Sales funnels strategy and implementation
+ Team building and management 

Take your business to new heights without the fear of falling—because your support team (us!) won’t let that happen.

Meagen Harriman 
 Business Strategist


"Tamara has completely reorganized my business and restructured the back end to help me show up as the coach that I am! She has helped me be able to focus on what I love to do so that I can show up for my clients!"

Tori Gordon, Master Transformation Coach


"Working with Tamara has been the best investment I've made in my business to date. I knew that I needed to delegate tasks and create streamline systems and automation. I fully trust Tamara to run the day to day so that I have more time to do what I do best."

Soraya Russell
Lifestyle Coach | Project S Lifestyle


"You either spend time or money. My time is worth a lot so I'll trade the money to save the time. The biggest thing is you want to give that responsibility to someone you can trust. That's why I chose to work with Tamara and team rather than getting another VA or employee - I knew I would be working with the best."

Nathaly Granja
Oracle CEO


"I recommend all my friends to BTS. And funnily I was recommend by two other friends. I love that I can always trust the BTS team to have the resources and know-how for every part of my business. Super professional and organized!

My business has grown INTO needing them and I know I wouldn’t have been able to scale had it not been for my BTS support."

MIchelle Rogers
Functional Mentor | Founder of The WELLThy Woman


"[Working with BTS] - It's been a gift! This team is ready and willing to evolve and grow with me and my business. I feel like they truly believe in me and my greater vision. I feel like I'm able to dream bigger and consider more possibilities, because I have the support needed to help me reach my goals."

Business Coach


"Tamara has been instrumental in automating our business. She is a wizard with so many software platforms and has integrated herself into the ones we use like a pro. If you need an integrator that can allow you to step away from the day to day of your business to be the visionary and focus on the next big step, Tamara is your girl. She leads well, listens well and plays to each team member's strengths.”

Leandra Rose
Transformational Coach & Embodiment teacher


"Tamara and her team are the best there is when it comes to backend support for visionary leaders. Let them handle the behind the scenes details so you can be in your genius. It’s absolutely worth the investment! "

Think of this like a VA infused with all the business skills needed to effectively run the admin side of your brand while you show up fully in your business. While you’re running the show, you can sleep soundly knowing all the little pieces (that normally drive you crazy) are taken care of and making you money while you snooze. 

Here’s what we can do: 
+ Virtual Assistant Retainers 
+ Launch Support
+ Systems Set Up & Integration

Behind The Screens Admin Support

The stars have aligned - we're a match! Your contract will be sent within 24 hours and we'll get a kickoff date on the calendar. You can finally relax, because we've got your back.

Sign Your Dream Team & Relax

Once your application has been reviewed, you'll then hop on a call with Tamara so she can get to know you, your business goals, and support needs. 

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