I'm glad you’re here because its time to talk how I'm going to change your entire life and business. Seems like a big promise? Good. It is—but Miami girls bring the heat and you just stepped into the fire. Trust me, you’re going to love it here. 

The COO to your CEO. Founder of Behind The Screens and Co-Founder of Health Wealth Box.

I'm Tamara - One Woman, Many Hats. 

hey there!

I realized pretty early on that the “hustle culture” narrative was not only toxic, it was 100% avoidable. 

After more than 7 years as a corporate droid/ladder-climber/do-it-aller, I realized hold up—this is not the life I mapped during my morning journaling. (Ok let’s be very real—I didn’t have time for a full-body shower most days so I certainly wasn’t journaling…but if I WAS—it would’ve been a lot different than this).

So I quit, got married, and bought a house all in the same month. Because #whynot. And within 18 months of starting my own business, I quadrupled my corporate salary and finally got my life back.

Systems Over Sacrifice. Period.


Business success shouldn’t come in the form of sacrifice—especially when your happiness is at stake.

Transparency. Because we know how difficult it can be to let go of some of the tasks in your business (even the ones that drive you crazy).

Systems made sexy. There’s one major thing giant corporations have in place that most small businesses do not: Systems. And it shows.

A team of specialists in your corner. Our Virtual Assistants, Project Managers, and OBMs are all handpicked and trained by our CEO, Tamara Munoz-Whilden. As a team, we aim for excellence, are results oriented, and all agree that the best part of the job is watching our clients succeed.

Whether you opt to work 1:1 with myself as your Fractional COO or with the Behind The Screens team, Here is what to expect:

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The BTS team aims not only to support clients in achieving their wildest dreams, but to help them create a life of true freedom and excellence - both inside and outside of the "office"

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Your dream of consistent growth, strategic systems, and taking off a few hats isn’t ridiculous—It’s necessary. We help you achieve you get there through our different levels of support. 

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