5 Ways to Show Up For YOURSELF


We hear a lot of people talk about how their business is burning them out. They are making those 6 figure months, they have their dream clients, but they are also on the edge of throwing it all away every day.


The truth that no one tells you about entrepreneurship is that the fine line between your personal time and your business time will absolutely be crossed if boundaries aren’t established. If you don’t have a system in place to make space for yourself, will your business be able to succeed?


But why?

If you’re not showing up for yourself, then who are you showing up for?⁣ If you are not taking care of yourself, then how can you be expected to take care of others?⁣⁠⁣

prioritize yourself

When you prioritize everyone else (clients, business, Voxer messages, etc.),  you’re setting yourself up for burnout, and I’m positive you didn’t start working for yourself to feel the same (if not worse) than you did in your 9-5.

Entrepreneurs fall into the trap of “being too busy,” “not having enough time,” and labeling investing in yourself as low-priority way too often!⁣ Quit this narrative; self-care is a priority! YOU are a priority. Being confined to staying home does NOT count as an excuse to show up for yourself.

5 Tips to Prioritize YOU


⁣Start taking 15 minutes to stretch or do yoga in the morning and take breaks for yourself throughout your day. This gives your body the opportunity to move energy around. You will also have time to just spend with YOURSELF. Put the phone away, turn off all notifications, and enjoy every moment. If you don’t know where to start, try YogaWithAdriene by Adriene Louise! She has awesome videos on Youtube, and some are only 6-minutes long!⁣


⁣Actually finish that online course you signed up for. We have so many incredible women come to us with ⁣incredible resources…that they never finished. If you purchased a course on email marketing, finish it. If you started a training on social media, go do it. Continuing your education in your field is so incredibly important! It’s an investment in yourself.


Meal-prep! Choose 2 healthy lunches you can prep in advance (along with some snacks!), so that you don’t default to skipping lunch or Uber Eats next week when you don’t have time⁠. Taking care of your body and fueling it with healthy, delicious meals is so important.


Get a planner and make a segment of time every day for you. Maybe you like to get your work done in the morning. Awesome. Do it AFTER your cup of coffee. Schedule in your lunch. Schedule in your dinner. And definitely schedule in when you have a hard cut off to stop working (and make it non-negotiable).


Give yourself grace. Prioritize what matters. Do you REALLY have a 3-page to-do list or is your list full of stuff that you can either get rid of, delegate, or postpone? Go through your list and be brutally honest with yourself.⁠ Create some categories such as urgent and important, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, or neither important nor urgent.