3 Ways to Break the Cycle of Burnout


Do you enjoy doing things that aren’t good for you, even when you know they’re not good for you? ⁠

Examples include:⁠

  • not hiring a VA to support you⁠
  • not automating your business⁠
  • not hiring a coach and struggling to build a business that brings in consistent income⁠

So many businesses that are just starting out limit their business by not asking for support. Trying to learn how to automate your business on Youtube at midnight after a 15-hour day of having to do the CEO work, the OBM work, and the VA work as a 1-person team isn’t sustainable, and more importantly,it won’t help you grow.

You know you’re feeling tired. You know you’re feeling overwhelm and burnout. When is it enough to change?

So we have to ask…

Why do you continue to stay cornered in this growth phase of your biz when it’s literally sucking the life out of you?⁠

A lot of times it’s because you don’t know the next step. Here are the 3 ways that you can break the cycle of burnout and truly step into the CEO of a growing, thriving business.⁠

How to Break the Cycle

1. Hire a VA

This is one of the first hires that you should make in your business. A virtual assistant is there to support you and give you more freedom to actually work ON the business instead of IN the business. Our VAs handle 20-40 hours a month of basic tasks like answering emails, scheduling content, creating and posting media, and scheduling all of the things that disrupt your flow and take up precious hours of your day, week, and month!

What to look for:

Look for someone with experience. Especially when you’re first starting out, you want someone that you don’t have to train on every detail of your business AND the foundation of what it takes to be a virtual assistant. Also, be very clear in your job description about who you’re looking for. Values, background, and reliability are important to the position and to your company. Ideally, you will find a VA who has worked in your industry,

2. Automate

Are you sick of hearing us say it? You can get HOURS of your day back by automating your systems. If you’re doing it yourself, start with simple ones. Use easy to navigate systems like Zapier that connect to the most popular sites. If you’re ready to dive deeper, hire someone to help!

What to look for:

Systems that make life immediately easier and send relief to that burnout sensation. Start with some of the simple things you can automate. Have a form that your clients fill out? Have the answers go into an easily accessible Google Sheet so you don’t have to dig for client information every week. 

3. Get a Coach

There are a crazy amount of people running all types of online businesses! But not all of these businesses are successful. Some of the most profitable and sustainable businesses we see are ones that are supported by incredible coaches. It’s so important in an industry that rapidly changes to have someone in your corner helping you navigate all of the twists and turns.

What to look for:

Look for coaches that have experience in your industry. Keep in mind how long they’ve been in the industry, if your values and goals align, and what containers they can offer you that work with your budget and time. What are your biggest gaps? Sales? Marketing? Technology? Customer Support? Program design? Focus on the lowest hanging fruit.

It’s almost 2023.

Now is the time to start preparing to have a year where your business is not only growing, but you and your business are also thriving!

⁠You want to hit higher-income months? ⁠

⁠Diversify your offers. Hire a coach. Hire a VA.⁠

You want to make more money and work fewer hours?⁠ You want to end your burnout cycle?

⁠Hire a team. Automate pieces of your business. Create passive offers.⁠⁠
Want to go all in with BTS? Send us a message! We can’t wait to hear from you.