7-Figure Meetings


How to get the most out of your calls

When people say, “Can I schedule a meeting?” do you immediately get a sense of dread? (If you do, you are not alone!!! It’s actually super common.) 

Meetings have a stigma of being

  1. Incredibly long
  2. Incredibly draining
  3. Incredibly unorganized

Literally…can it just be an email?

By the end of a 2 hour call, you have so much information to take away that you hope the whole session is recorded because you know you’ll be going back and listening to the whole thing again.

What if I told you I had a solution to that problem?

When our clients book a meeting, they know that it will be informative, efficient, and quick. 

So how do we do it? We have a game plan.

Each meeting is broken down into 5 different parts.

Before the meeting, we create a clear agenda. This agenda breaks down the priorities of the call. This may look like:

1. KPI Overview

2. What has been done

3. What needs to be done and how it will be done

4. Feedback and questions

5. Schedule the next one

By breaking down the call into these 5 clear categories, our team and client know exactly what to expect and what to prepare.


make meetings better

The KPI report will be crafted a few days before the call and sent over to the client. The client will have time to review the data and come up with any questions about the information. Our team will present the data and leave a few minutes to answer any remaining questions. 

Estimated time: ~5 minutes

Completed Tasks

Next, the OBM on the account will go over the completed tasks. This only takes a few minutes, but allows the client to get a quick overview of where time has been spent over the past week or month.

Estimated time: ~5 minutes

Action Items

The next item on the agenda will take the most amount of time, but is one of the most important! We designate time to put new tasks on the agenda, as well as an update timelines for anything outstanding. Our clients come with tasks ready so that we can delegate them out to our team to be completed.

Estimated time: ~10 minutes

Open Door Policy

One of the most important parts of our meeting is to open the floor for feedback and questions. It is so important to us that our clients feel informed and comfortable moving into the next week or month! This also helps to grow our relationship and improve the systems and processes in place!
Estimated time: ~5 minutes

Get the next one on the books

We always make sure to end the call by scheduling their next meeting. Knowing when the next check in time is as well as having a sacred time on the calendar for the team is incredibly important (especially during the busy seasons!).

Estimated time ~1 minute

Longer Doesn’t Equal Better

Just because a meeting is 2 hours long, doesn’t mean it is as informative or efficient as a short meeting. In under 30 minutes, we accomplish our most important tasks while helping our clients feel supported and not drained from an overwhelming call! 

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