Systems Made Simple


You know that instant feeling of stress you get when you forget a step in your launch plan? Or that ache in your stomach when you have to pass off a task for the first time after you’ve been in charge of it for months?

So do I.

It can be so stressful to keep all of those instructions in our head. That is where clear and concise systems come in.

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is a system?

A system is a set of procedures that are done in a certain order to achieve a specific outcome. If we need X to happen, then A, B, and C need to happen first.

  • How do you repurpose content? 
  • How do you onboard a new client? 
  • How do you communicate with your team?

All of those things that you do every day? They’re all systems in your business!

You’ve been operating systematically for a while now without even knowing it! But in order to build a profitable business that is bringing $5k+ months, you need to have specific, documented systems in place.


When you’re on track to scale, you’ll be needing to hire. And the easiest way to onboard someone onto your team is to already have systems in place.

Systems are the backbone of a functioning, profitable business. They ensure things consistency, with both internal work and client work. You can be adding contractors to support your workload and you wouldn’t even miss a beat with your clients.

systems made simple

A new VA will have a hard time adjusting quickly to your biz if there are not actionable steps to follow. Even with a cute, little onboarding process, there is no way for them to read your mind when it comes to your systems. But if a system is in place, you can be adding contractors to support your workload and you wouldn’t even miss a beat with your clients.

Not to mention, systems are also a HUGE time saver. The beautiful thing about systems is that they ensure consistency. (And we allllll know consistency is key.) A consistent backend experience, a consistent client experience…and consistency in these parts of your business means two things:

  1. Consistently happy clients


  1. Consistent operations which equals more time and space to make more money

Think about it.

If you don’t have to…

– reinvent the wheel every time

– rummage around your GoogleDrive to find important documents

– sit there and wonder how the heck you set up that automated email sequence last year…

Imagine how much more time you’d have to focus on other things.

Like everything in business, nothing is 100% guaranteed. But having systems in place means that:

  • Your entire team is on the same page
  • Internal communication will improve. 
  • There is accountability. 
  • You save time & money. 

If you’re looking for help setting up a solid system in your business, I have a great free resource for you! Download Systems Made Simple today! If you want to dive even further into building out your dream system, hit me and my team up.