Make the Switch from Reactive to Proactive in Your Business


Inside of your business, you have two ways you can operate.

  1. Waiting for something to happen and then responding. For example, a client missing a payment, and then developing a flow for failed payments. Sending out an email, retrying their card on Stripe, remembering 10 days later to send a follow up email, wondering a month later if they paid, waking up in a sweat 3 months later still wondering if they paid.

  1. Having a plan in place in the event something happens. When your first client misses a payment, having a clear system in place to make sure that they feel supported (and you get your well deserved $$).

Being proactive in your business gives you peace of mind when the inevitable happens. When you have systems in place, your business runs like a well oiled machine and you get back space in your brain to focus on what your attention really needs in your space as a visionary badass.⁣

Why do systems have so much power?


Having systems in place breeds confidence…and nothing sells better than that. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you do something. You don’t have to wrack your brain for the answers. Gone are the days of holding your team’s hand through every little thing. There is a system and it’s documented.⁣

being proactive in business

When something like a failed payment comes up, having the process laid out step by step (and even automated) grows your confidence. Not only will your clients be supported through the process, but your team and business will be supported through it, too.

Free Up Mental Space

You free up your mental space because you’re not holding on to every little thing that’s happening your business! Waking up in the middle of the night wondering if your client you’ve been working with for 3 months actually signed their contract is not the kind of stress you need. 

You know that feeling of relief you feel after a brain dump? It’s like that but on a bigger scale. You’re releasing every detail about everything you do on a daily basis in your business. Now you have the capacity to create more, to do more, to show up more.⁣

Everything is pre-planned

There is nothing about your process that is left up in the air.

You have a proven system of doing things…for yourself, for your team, and for your clients. And let’s be honest,  there is nothing better than knowing that everything in your business is streamlined and to be trusted to deliver on your promises by your clients.⁣

Make the switch!

Taking your business from Reactive to Proactive doesn’t have to be a painstaking process that lasts months and months. Start by setting up simple systems first (check out our blog on the 3 best ones to start with!). Once you have the first few set up, the rest will come easily. 

If you want extra support, we are here for you!! We thrive on helping businesses succeed by building the foundation of a solid system. Head to the our website and let’s chat!⁣