How to Stress Less with Scheduling


Some of our clients’ biggest stressors are scheduling their calls. 1:1, group calls, masterminds, recurring calls – it is SO HARD to keep track of them all!

But if you know one thing about BTS, it’s that we LOVE to implement systems that take away the stress and close the open loops in your brain.

Our Favorite Scheduling Systems

There are so many great systems out there for scheduling…and there are also a lot of not-so-great ones. Here are our favorite systems and how we implement them to get the best bang for your buck.


Not only is Calendly one of our favorite tools, but there is also an amazing free version you can use!

Who could benefit? We use Calendly for clients that have multiple 1:1 call types on their schedule. If you are someone who has a few different 1:1 containers, someone who has interviews or consultations, or someone who offers different time increments of 1:1 calls (3o minute check-ins, 60-minute debriefs, 90-minute deep dives), the Calendly would be a great fit!

Our favorite features? Calendly will let you create each call with a unique link that connects to your favorite online service (like zoom or skype). You can also set different availabilities for each call time. If you anticipate having a paid call, Calendly will allow you to set a price for each call so that clients can pay to book a call. The best part? Any scheduled calls will sync right to your Google calendar.


Addevent is another one of our favorite calendar tools, and there are a lot of reasons why.

Who could benefit? If you run group programs or have call schedules mashed into your Google calendar, Addevent is for you! Addevent gives you the power to create multiple calendars within their one program! Are you running 3 programs at once? No problem. Set up the 3 calendars, input the calls, and you can share the calendar with your clients. They will even be able to save the call calendar to their own, personal calendar with the click of a button.

scheduling made simple

Our favorite features? Along with being able to have clients add the calendar to their own, Addevent does a great job of keeping track of who is on each of your calendars. You will have access to the names and emails of each person that joins your calendar. If you need to send out a follow-up email after a call, you can easily find every person! You can also update the event in Addevent, and it will immediately reflect to every client calendar (no more rescheduling emails!!!).


Dubsado is amazing for a variety of reasons, but one of its best features is its scheduler.

Who could benefit? If you already have a Dubsado account and you aren’t using this feature, it’s time to start! The scheduler tool allows you to create a type of call, set your availability, and send the link to your clients. It is a fast and easy way to schedule a follow-up appointment or even a first 1:1 call! Additionally, it will appear in your client’s Dubsado portal and on your Dubsado calendar so it isn’t forgotten.

Our favorite features? Once a call is booked, Dubsado can send out reminder emails to your clients! This keeps everyone updated throughout the scheduling process. After the call, you can also automate follow-up emails, thanking them for joining and setting up their next one. Dubsado’s calendar easily integrates to your own so no one can book when you’re OOO and you always know what appointments are coming up.

Get Started Today!

We know that going back and forth with a client about the perfect time for a call can be stressful and time-consuming. Having a scheduling system in place is a great way to shave off unnecessary hours and allow yourself more time to actually take calls!

If you’re interested in getting help setting up systems inside of your business, send us a message! We can’t wait to hear from you.