3 Things you NEED to do for the Holiday Season

Business structure

One of the best parts about running your own business is the flexibility that comes with creating your schedule! It’s how we keep the holiday season so magical at BTS.

But if you’re not setting boundaries…are you really ready to take time off this holiday season?

Hear us out.⁠

⁠You’re going to want to spend time with your family. Your friends. Partner. Thoughts. Either way, you’re going to want downtime. But you’re a CEO, you’re running a business, you’re killing the game, and your workload and your clients will be expecting things from you this season.⁠

⁠This means you will:⁠

  • be overwhelmed with your workload⁠
  • feel guilty for wanting to disconnect from your biz for a bit⁠
  • feel guilty if you don’t disconnect because you want to spend time with your faves⁠
  •  probably have a holiday-themed meltdown⁠ 

Here’s the great news: you can avoid that. But you have to start TODAY!

The way to avoid holiday burnout, stress, and meltdowns is to:⁠

  1. set boundaries with your clients⁠
  2. work ahead of schedule
  3. automate⁠ repetitive tasks

#1 Set Boundaries with Clients

Boundaries are your friends! The key is to set clear expectations. Let your clients know when you’ll be out of the office. Ask them what they need from you prior to that date and then ask them again a week prior to going on vacation. 

Don’t overcommit with the amount of work you can do between now and your time out of office! Remember that big projects are a perfect way to ring in quarter one of the upcoming new year! 

Set an auto-response for the time that you are out and then fully disconnect! Stand strong in your boundaries and do not break them.

#2 Work Ahead of Schedule

Batch work to stay ahead! Doing a ton of the same task in one sitting may seem tedious, however looking at your list, blocking out time, and getting it done will be your biggest holiday win! 

Plan out how often you want to show up. Have a content plan in place. Write out all of the content you need for the next few days or weeks and then get it scheduled! 

#3 Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automation will always ADD to your business. LEVERAGE IT!

For the holidays automate things like newsletters, social media posts, client onboarding, and scheduling! Keep this very simple and then close your laptop.

Ready to get your holiday prep on?

Now is the time to make sure everything is in place! If you’re looking to start getting your systems in place in 2023 and take your business to the next level, get in touch! We are so excited to ring in the new year with incredible new clients just like you.