Want to Triple Your Income? It’s time to hire.

Business structure

You can’t do it alone.⁠

I mean you can…but you’ll drive yourself insane, work all day every day, and it’ll take you 10x as long to get to your goal.⁠

⁠Want to hit the next level?⁠

⁠Want to make more money working less hours?⁠


⁠When we say “hire a team,” we don’t mean to hire 20 different people, but having a Virtual Assistant (VA), an Online Business Manager (OBM), or an Integrator in your corner will absolutely change the game for you.

⁠Don’t believe us?⁠

⁠Over the past 3 years, we have truly seen it all.

One of our clients has an incredible mindset and is a truly incredible transformation coach with SO much to offer to her clients. When BTS was brought onboard, we dove right into streamlining her business. We spent months adjusting, pivoting, creating, building and being consistent. We set systems in place – we divided and conquered.⁠

  • This created consistency in her business⁠
  • Consistency led to her having more time to focus on client acquisition and strategy⁠
  • That led to manifesting new opportunities⁠
  • THAT led to her TRIPLING her income within 2 months.⁠

This wasn’t a coincidence. This wasn’t luck. 

This was a result of preparation meeting opportunity. We had the systems in place so that when her business blew up (which we knew was going to happen because she was pouring so much into client attraction and her offers are AMAZING), we could hold space for and serve the clients streaming in.⁠

So, why tell you this? 

Because if she had been alone, this journey would have taken much longer. She might have still blown up…but not had the support needed to execute on all the new leads and sales, and the inevitable client departure would begin. 

time to hire

And guess what…we’ve gained so much traction that we’ve brought on even MORE support to start getting ready for the NEXT level, and her client retention is high. It never stops. There are always new heights to reach).⁠

In order to reach new heights, you need to invest. Invest in yourself, invest in your team, invest in your business.

Hire a coach, hire support, invest in tech that will give you time back and elevate the client experience so they keep coming back for more.⁠

Stop holding yourself back by not outsourcing. Stop holding yourself back by not outsourcing. 

Hire the best team in the business – send us a message! We can’t wait to work with you.